Plumbing Tips

Bathroom plumbing is one of the most of important aspects of maintaining your home. If it is done wrong it can cause all sorts problems, from damp patches to complete structural degradation. If it is done correctly your home, no matter how busy, can run smoothly for many years.

When considering your bathroom plumbing solutions, price is a huge factor. If you live alone or with a partner then you may be able to get away with the cheaper materials, because you’re unlikely to use the facilities as often as a large family. On the flip side, a large family will need a high quality advanced solution to maintain the needs of constant use. Cheaper materials will work, but after a few years you may end up in a never-ending cycle of repairs, which will end up costing far more than installing a sturdy system to begin with. You must also consider your plumbing as a selling point when putting your house on the market at a later date.

It is highly recommended that you hire a professional plumber to install or repair your bathroom plumbing, but it is something you can do yourself with great caution. Before starting, you’ll need to ensure you measure your facilities accurately and purchase all of the correct size pipes and fittings. You will also need to consider the hot water system, and that your tank is big enough to meet your family’s requirements. A small tank will cause the larger family to end up having cold showers if several people use it during the day.

You also need to remember that plumbing is not like putting up a flat pack table. Every bolt and fitting must be sealed with plumber’s tape and wound as tight as possible to prevent leakage. You don’t want your bathtub caving in through the ceiling.